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  Kick: Reduce recoil 20%. 减少后坐力20% 【稍后有详细图文解释】

  Focus: Reduce flinch 50%. 减少被击中移位50%

  Stability: Reduce idle sway 25%. 减少准星晃动25%

  Melee: Reduce melee recovery delay 35%. 减少出刀回复延迟速度35%

  Speed: Increase movement speed 10%. 增加移动速度10%

  Damage: Increase pellet damage 40%. 增加散弹钢珠伤害40%

  Range: Increase range before damage drop off 25%. 增加有效射程25%



  Recon: Paints target on the mini map BLACKBIRD style for 12 seconds. Tactical grenades count as explosive damage.


  Sleight Of Hand: Reload time (normal, empty, add) x0.5 and weapon swap time (raise, drop) x0.5.

  换单速度X0.5 武器切换速度X0.5

  Blind Eye: Launcher lock-on time x0.5, bullet damage to killstreaks x1.6.

  发射器类锁定速度x0.5, 子弹对敌人连杀奖励x1.6

  Extreme Conditioning: Sprint duration x2.


  Scavenger: Will replenish throwing knives. Resupplies under-barrel ammo if the person you killed had them and did not use them before dying.

  可以补充飞刀, 可以补充榴弹, 如果敌人在死之前没用掉.

  Quickdraw: Aim down sight time x0.5 and equipment usage time x0.5.

  ADS速度x0.5, 装备使用速度x0.5

  Blast Shield: Explosive damage x0.55 and flashbang/stun duration x0.5.

  爆炸物伤害抵抗力x0.55, 闪光和震撼持续时间减少x0.5

  Assassin: Grants immunity to EMP grenades as well. Can not call in killstreaks during EMP.

  对EMP手雷同样免疫, 不能在EMP期间使用连杀.

  Hardline: One assist will carry over to a new spawn.


  Overkill: Your movement speed will be that of the lowest of your two primaries.


  Marksman: Breath hold time for snipers and assault rifles with Breath x2.

  如果使用武器精通的Breath, 憋气时间x2

  Stalker: Full movement speed when ADS, adds 2 seconds to claymore, bouncing betty, and IMS timer.

  ADS情况下全速度移动, 增加阔剑, 跳雷和IMS的爆炸延迟2秒.

  Sitrep: Enemy footstep sound x4. Airdrop trap is highlighted.

  增加敌人脚步声x4倍, 显示敌人的空投陷阱为高亮发光.

  Steady Aim: Hip fire spread x0.65 and sprint out time x0.6.

  减少扫射近准x0.65, 提高跑动后瞄准速度x0.6

  Dead Silence: Halves duration of Recon effect and fall damage x0.

  减少RECON对其影响一半的效果, 坠落伤害x0.